Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns

by Jamey
Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern Cover

Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect men’s crochet beanie is a challenge. But still, I know you want to make the best hats for the special man in your life because nothing beats that feeling of pure joy when your loved ones wear the pieces you create.

In hopes of saving you the time and effort for the seemingly endless search, I rounded up these awesome men’s beanie crochet patterns that your hubby, dad, and son(s) would like.

While these beanies make sweet gifts for family members and friends, you’ll also find quick patterns here that are ideal if you’re planning to donate to charity.

Full of patterns in varying sizes, colors, and styles — this list has something for everyone! There are simple and easy-to-follow designs for beginners and intricate ones for seasoned crocheters to enjoy.

Best Yarn For Men’s Hats

You must prioritize yarn fiber when choosing the best yarn for a man’s hat (and all hats in general) because it’s one of the main deciding factors of how warm and long-wearing your beanie would be.

Acrylic yarn is a popular choice that’s readily accessible and budget-friendly. However, it’s not easy to find a high-quality acrylic yarn that’s breathable. So, I suggest you try this superwash merino yarn instead if you’re after comfy, warm, and super soft men’s hats.

Another thing to consider in finding the best yarn for men’s beanies is, of course — colors! Using the right yarn color makes a huge difference when making these practical hats. It’s important to know if the wearer prefers a neutral-colored one or is a fan of colorful bright shades. That way, you’ll be able to crochet a hat that is closest to his preference.

Cascade Superwash Yarn

How to Measure the Head for Hat Sizes

Typically, there are only three essential measurements to determine hat size: head circumference, top or crown diameter, and hat length. Here’s how to measure the head for the following dimensions:

  • Head Circumference | Get a tape measure. Wrap it around your recipient’s head where the hat typically rests (a little above the eyebrows and ears). Make sure it’s snug. Not too tight, but not loose either. Record the measurement. Note: The hat circumference is usually 1-2 inches smaller than your recorded head circumference.
  • Top/Crown Diameter | Divide hat circumference by 3.14
  • Hat Length | Measure from the crown down to the bottom of the recipient’s ear. You can add or subtract a few inches from the measurement depending on how much “slouch” you want.

You can also use a crochet hat sizing chart which conveniently provides these measurements for you based on the average hat sizes of particular age groups. There are lots of them online you can download for free.

Men’s Classic Beanie Crochet Pattern

Do you love a crochet beanie with a knit-look finish? This pattern is designed to achieve that particular classic style. And there’s no problem if the wearer prefers a beanie with or without the brim because he could wear this hat both ways. You can even wear this hat as a slouchy beanie if you prefer that look.
Suggested Yarn: Sugar Bush Rapture Llama/Merino Blend Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: J/10 (6.0 mm)

Via Rich Textures Crochet

Classic Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern

Billow Beanie Crochet Pattern

This beanie pattern is ideal for beginner crocheters who want to level up their skills and become advanced beginners. Besides the chain, you only need to know 3 stitches (single crochet, double crochet, and front post treble crochet) to make this beautifully textured beanie. It offers the right amount of challenge and fun, especially for novices.
Suggested Yarn: Big Twist Heather Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn in Beige
Crochet Hook: H/8 (5 mm), G/6 (4 mm)

Via Rohn Strong

Billow Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern

Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Pattern

You can complete this lovely, toasty beanie crochet hat in 2-3 hours, making it a great last-minute holiday gift for your loved ones. It features the seed stitch that looks exquisite and adds warmth to the fabric — the perfect stitch choice for winter wear and accessories.
Suggested Yarn: Caron One Pound Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn in Light Grey, Medium Grey Mix, and Ocean
Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Via Kirsten Holloway Designs

Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Easy Crochet Pattern For Men

Easy Knit Look Hat Crochet Pattern

Wanna know a secret to making an easy knit-look crochet beanie? Use the waistcoat stitch! Waistcoat stitch, also known as center single crochet, gives this hat the knitted look that most people adore. You make this stitch just like you’d typically do a single crochet—the only difference is where you insert the hook. You have to insert your hook in the center of the post (hence the name), instead of putting it through the top part of the stitch. You’ll have this easy mens crochet hat pattern worked up in no time.
Suggested Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Via Sable And Shank

Easy Knit Look Hat Crochet Pattern

Hyland Men’s Hat Free Pattern

This slouchy look beanie crochet pattern is likely to be a hit among boys and men. Its simple design and stylish look pair great with different outfits. Plus, it’s highly customizable! You can add patches of the wearer’s favorite characters, games, or shows for a sweet, thoughtful touch like the designer did.
Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Jeans Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: J (6.0 mm)

Via Yarn And Chai

Hyland Flat Lay Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern

Men’s Crochet Hat

Here’s a no-frills beanie crochet hat design that’s quick to make and very beginner-friendly. It’s worked as a flat piece and then sewn together to complete the hat shape. You can easily make it as snug or slouchy as you want by adjusting the length of your foundation chain.
Suggested Yarn: Cleckheaton Australian Superfine Merino Wool DK (#3) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5 mm

Via B. Hooked

Men's Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Men’s Crochet Hat Pattern

Making a fashionable crochet beanie hat doesn’t need to be hard and this pattern proves that. As long as you know these basic stitches: chain (ch), single (sc), and slip stitch (sl st), you can ace this men’s crochet beanie pattern and make a classic-style beanie for the special man in your life.
Suggested Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Wool DK (#3) Yarn in Lost Lake Heather
Crochet Hook: K (6.5 mm)

Via The Spruce Crafts

Free Men's Crochet Hat Pattern

Basic Striped Crochet Hat Pattern

I love projects that let me refine my primary crochet skills – this easy crochet hat pattern is just such a pattern. And if you’re the same, you will love this basic striped crochet beanie! It also shows you how to make a ribbed effect with post stitches. You get to practice and learn new techniques while creating a fab and practical fashion accessory.
Suggested Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Wool DK (#3) Yarn
Crochet Hook: H/8 (5 mm)

Via Petals To Picots

Basic Striped Crochet Hat Pattern

The Superior Beanie Hat Pattern

Looking for a sleek crochet beanie to make in time for the holidays? If yes, don’t hesitate to give this pattern a try. It’s tightly woven and made to keep your recipient’s head nice and warm from the chilly winter winds. This simple hat pattern is worked flat using front and back loop half double crochets and shaped by adding some slip stitches at the top.
Suggested Yarn: Bernat Super Value Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Via The Unraveled Mitten

The Superior Beanie Hat Pattern

Comfortable Ribbed ‘Fowler’ Crochet Hat

This ribbed crochet hat is another delightful project for beginners. Aside from the detailed written instructions, you can also access a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make this unisex hat. You can make it in a solid shade or change it up a bit by coordinating some bright colors in the front part.
Suggested Yarn: Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: H/8 (5 mm)

Via Do Along

Comfortable Ribbed Fowler Crochet Hat

Classic Crochet Beanie Pattern for Men and Women

Because this crochet beanie pattern is gender-neutral, you can make one for everyone. It’s a fabulous present for a family member, friend, colleague, or anyone who needs a timeless accessory they can wear during the cold season.
Suggested Yarn: Crafter’s Square Polyester Aran (#4) Yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5 mm

Via Crazy Hands

Classic Crochet Beanie Pattern for Men and Women

Crochet Ribbed Hat

You’ll be surprised at how easy this crochet ribbed hat is. Since it’s worked flat, it’s a great option for crocheters that are not yet comfortable working in the round with increases and decreases.
Suggested Yarn: (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5 mm

Via Sirin’s Crochet

Crochet Ribbed Hat

Herringbone Men’s Crochet Hat

Want to learn how to do the herringbone half double crochet stitch? This men’s crochet hat pattern couldn’t be more perfect to get you started. Imagine the endless textured crochet projects you can do after you master this lovely stitch!
Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn in Seaspray
Crochet Hook: J/10 (6.0 mm)

Via Salty Pearl Crochet

Herringbone Stitch Beanie Crochet Pattern for Men

Salt of the Earth Men’s Crochet Beanie

There’s beauty in simplicity, and this understated beanie is a fantastic example. It got no excessive bling—just straight-up functional. And because most men love classic fashion pieces they can pair up with anything, they’ll appreciate this hat’s style. This easy crochet pattern starts with the magic ring and uses simple stitches like the chain stitch (ch), half double crochet (hdc) and front post and back post half double crochet stitches.
Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn in Oatmeal
Crochet Hook: H-8 (5 mm)

Via Crochet 365 Knit Too

Salt of the Earth Men’s Crochet Beanie Pattern

Crochet Hounds Tooth Hat

This two-toned hat makes a sweet gift for your son or hubby. The houndstooth crochet stitch gives the beanie the right amount of texture and subtle detailing. It’s also a wonderful pattern to experiment with different colors of yarn. The edging of this hat is made with the reverse single crochet stitch, also known as the crab stitch.
Suggested Yarn: I Love this Yarn! Acrylic Aran (#4) Yarn
Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Via ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs

Crochet Hounds Tooth Hat

No Drama Men’s Beanie Crochet Pattern

If your husband or boyfriend has been asking you to make him a beanie, here’s a pattern to check out. It’s designed with beginners in mind and only made up of basic stitches. There’s no embellishment or special stitch to make, it’s straightforward and practical — just like most men prefer. This is the perfect pattern for beginners and the solid color yarn keeps it extra simple for the beginner skill level.
Suggested Yarn: Stylecraft Special Acrylic Aran (#4) Yarn in Graphite
Crochet Hook: H-8 (5 mm)

Via Hookfully

No Drama Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern

Leon Men’s Crochet Beanie Pattern

This men’s hat pattern is specially designed for men who want to keep their ears warm from the cold and their heads still slightly cool. Because of this, the hat’s body is worked up in alternating single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) stitches to make a breathable fabric that wouldn’t overheat the head, while the section along the ears is worked in dense sc stitches for a cozy and snug fit. With some different color stripes, it’s a great hat for practicing your color changes and weaving in your ends.
Suggested Yarn: Hobbii Amigo XL Acrylic Worsted Weight (#4) Yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5 mm

Via Knitting With Chopsticks

Leon Men’s Crochet Beanie Pattern

Easy Striped Beanie for Men and Boys

Incorporate some colors into your husband’s or son’s wardrobe by making this fun and easy striped beanie. Aside from the stunning ribbed brim that’s made up of front post and back post stitches, you’ll also love how you can quickly personalize this style just by switching the suggested shades to the wearer’s favorite color combo.
Suggested Yarn: Caron One Pound Acrylic Yarn Worsted (#4) Weight in Cape Cod Blue, Azure, and Taupe
Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Via Kirsten Holloway Designs

Easy Striped Beanie for Men and Boys

Cabled Beanie Crochet Pattern for Men

Fashionable men in your life are highly likely to be obsessed with this gorgeously textured crochet beanie. The cable pattern adds warmth and unique appeal to the hat, making it a perfect statement accessory in the winter season. Lots of crochet texture stitches like the cable stitches in this hat give this men’s beanie crochet pattern a lot of character and charm.
Suggested Yarn: Universal Yarn Uptown Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn in Denim Heather
Crochet Hook: G/6 (4 mm), 4.5 mm

Via Shabby Sheep Apparel

Cabled Beanie Crochet Pattern for Men

Silver Beach Crochet Beanie

This beanie, featuring an assortment of beautiful stitches, will wow the person you’re gifting it to. The eye-catching texture of the hat is thanks to the combination of lemon peel, camel, and star stitches.
Suggested Yarn: Red Heart Soft Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: H-8 (5 mm)

Via Salty Pearl Crochet

Silver Beach Crochet Beanie Pattern

The “Lakeside” Beanie

This beanie is one of those accessories your hubby can wear for any occasion — a casual stroll in the park, a fun weekend date, or a spontaneous night out. It’s a very versatile hat you can make using double crochet (dc), front post double crochet (fpdc), and back post double crochet (bpdc). This beanie hat pattern is worked top down and can be started using the magic circle technique.
Suggested Yarn: Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: H-8 (5 mm)

Via 5 Knots North

Lakeside Men's Crochet Beanie Pattern

Franco Beanie

Most men fancy dark-colored beanies that can be partnered with any outfit. And if the men in your life have the same preference, this is a pattern you must try. It’s available in 5 different sizes and is worked bottom up.
Suggested Yarn: Premier Serenity Chunky (#5)Yarn in Charcoal Heather
Crochet Hook: L (7 mm)

Via ChristaCoDesign

Franco Beanie - Men's Beanie Crochet Pattern

Men’s Classic Beanie with Colour Brim

If you want to throw a subtle pop of color into a classic beanie, this pattern would be a great reference. It’s worked in rows lengthwise, and the stripe of color is added around the brim. But as the designer notes, you’re free to do as many stripes as you want and add them to any portion of the hat.
Suggested Yarn: Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: J/10 (6.0 mm)

Via Rich Textures Crochet

Men's Classic Beanie Pattern

Men’s Chunky Hat

Chunky hats are the ultimate accessory to stay warm and stylish when the weather is icy cold. This men’s chunky beanie that uses bulky weight yarn will make the wearer extra toasty with its thick, stretchy fabric. You have to know double crochet (dc), front post double crochet (fpdc), front post single crochet (fpsc), and slip stitch back loops only (sl st blo) to complete this project. It might seem a bit overwhelming for beginners, but no need to worry — an in-depth video tutorial is available!
Suggested Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Acrylic Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: 4.5 mm crochet hook

Via My Hobby Is Crochet

Men's Chunky Hat

Crochet Seafarer’s Cap

This hat has a long brim that can be easily rolled down over the ears for extra warmth. You only have to know single crochet and slip stitches to create the shaping at the crown and make the thick brim. Because of its practical design and easy pattern, it’s among the best crochet hats to make and donate to shelters or hospitals.
Suggested Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: H-8 / 5 mm crochet hook

Via Beth Hall

Crochet Seafarer's Cap

YouTube Men’s Beanie Crochet Pattern Tutorials

For those of you who are visual learners and prefer watching detailed video tutorials, here are some men’s crochet beanie video tutorials I’d recommend:

Did you enjoy this list of free men’s crochet beanie patterns? With the cold weather on its way (or already here for some), I’m sure you’ll find the perfect beanie crochet pattern to keep your man warm and cozy this winter. Not only does it keep you warm but it’s also a perfect accessory for men.

Whether it’s a hat with basic crochet stitches or something that is more complex and has a lot of texture and ribbing, you’ll find just the perfect pattern for your crochet skill level.

If you enjoy making crochet hats don’t forget to check out my other hat patterns including the Single Double Crochet Baby Hat Pattern and the Free Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns.

One more thing that I wanted to mention before I go. These crochet bucket hat patterns are great projects for beginners. If you’re still learning to crochet or looking to take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend these great foundational videos to help you develop your skills quickly and easily, visit the Crochet Fundamentals professionally filmed classes.

Men's Beanie Crochet Patterns

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