25 Knitted Hat Patterns

by Jamey
In this list of knitted hat patterns, you’ll find easy knitting patterns, simple cable knit hats, classic ribbed stitch hats, easy knit baby hats and more.

25 Knitted Hat Patterns

It can be a little bit of a challenge finding great free knitted hat patterns so I’ve put together this great list of hats for you. You’ll find some great knitting patterns below with all the options you need for making hats to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy this winter. 

Among these knitted hat patterns you’ll find hats for babies, toddlers, and adults, including knit hats for men too. Most of the hats on this list are perfect are easy beginner knitting patterns but I’ve also included hats for advanced knitters too. 

These hats use basic knit stitches like garter and stockinette stitch. There are also a number of more challenging and unique knit stitch patterns included for people looking to learn new knit stitches and techniques. Most of these hat patterns are knit on circular needles but there are a couple that are knitted flat and seamed.

Among the list of knitted hat patterns, you’ll find easy knitting patterns, simple cable knit hats, classic ribbed stitch hats, easy baby hats and more. Many of these hats would also make fantastic knitting for charity projects as well. Whatever your intent, there’s a hat for everyone!


Simple Knit Hat Pattern

This knit hat pattern is special to me. It was the very first hat pattern I ever knit and I’ve made 3 hats with it since. This hat is also my 13-year-old daughter’s favorite hat. She wears it multiple times a week, whether it’s fall, winter or spring (and yes occasionally in the summer too). She would never let me wear her hat so I ended up knitting one for myself, in a different color as per her instructions, haha. I can vouch for it being an amazing beginner knit hat pattern. I ended up made minor alterations to the size because my daughter and I have very tiny heads but otherwise left the pattern as is. Here’s a photo of Noelle and me wearing the hats that I made with this simple knit hat pattern.

This is hat knitting at its absolute simplest and the awesome thing about it is that it looks great whether it is a bit tighter or a bit slouchier. 

Pattern via The Craft Sessions


Bubble Beanie Hat Pattern for Knitters

This knitted hat patterns is perfect if you enjoy changing yarn colors and are comfortable knitting on circular needles. This is a great yarn buster, knitted in any colors and fiber of worsted or bulky weight yarns. 

Pattern via Studio Knits


Easy Beginners Knit Hat Pattern

This easy knit hat is perfect for your first project! You will learn the two basic stitches of knitting, knits and purls and how to knit a hat on circular needles. The easy knit hat only takes a few hours to knit and one skein of Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn. This hat knitting pattern also comes with a complete video tutorial for those of you who are visual learners.

Via B Hooked Crochet 


Favorite Simple Knit Hat Pattern

This is a fun, quick knit creating a plain knit hat that is cozy and warm for cold weather. To modify the hat and turn it into a slouchy style hat, add additional length prior to decreasing. This pattern includes the written instructions for sizes preemie to men’s, and it is easily adaptable for a different sizing of your choice.

Via Ravelry


Flat Knit Hat Knitting Pattern

Knitting patterns for hats usually involve circular and double point needles. The patterns generally run the gamut from basic to advanced, but rarely are they so simple any beginner could knit them. This Beginner Flat Knit Hat knitting pattern is here to change all that! The entire hat is knit flat on single point needles. The stitches are a combination of knit and purl. Once you’re finished knitting, the side and top seams of the hat are sewn. A simple running stitch is created at the top to gather. This hat knitting pattern is as easy as they come and it’s perfect for beginners knitters who want to move beyond knitting scarves. Enjoy!

Via Gina Michele


Classic Ribbed Knit Hat

This is the most perfect be-warm, go-anywhere, look-good ribbed knit hat you can imagine! Wear it cuffed, wear it slouchy. Wear it bright, wear it neutral. Throw it in your bag just in case or don’t take it off all weekend. Wherever it goes, however it rolls (or doesn’t), the Classic Ribbed Hat is sized for everyone, from babies to adults, and only requires one skein to make it.

Pattern via Purl Soho


Gilmore Girls Ribbed Knit Hat Pattern

Learn to make your Gilmore Girls Ribbed Knit Hat inspired by Lorelai’s adorably cozy beanie! This knit hat pattern is made from the bottom up, in the round on circular needles. You’ll have a blast mastering this ribbed knitted hat.

Pattern via Studio Knits


Simple Ribbed Knit Hat

This simple knit hat starts with a ribbed cuff that continues to the top of the hat but with a yarn color change to indicate the brim of the hat.  It is super stretching and can be worn cuffed or slouchy. This ribbed knit hat patterns is written for a child’s size but is so stretchy it will likely fit adults too.

Pattern via Small Friendly


Jason’s Cashmere Hat Knitting Pattern

Jason’s Cashmere Hat features a simple cable design for extra warmth, firm ribbing to help keep its shape, and a thick, folded brim that can be adjusted to cover the ears on extra chilly days. Made with two skeins of Cashmere Aran yarn, this hat is pure luxury and can easily be completed in a weekend. 

Pattern via Sweet Fiber Yarns


Rikke Knit Hat Pattern

The classic “Rikke Hat” was designed in 2010 and has since become a worldwide hit. Requiring just one skein of any DK to light worsted weight yarn, this hat looks stunning in both semi-solid hues and variegated color-ways as the garter stitch design helps to prevent pooling! It is (for the most part) one-size-fits-all.

Pattern via Ravelry


Little Hearts Knit Hat Pattern for Kids

We absolutely love this little hearts hat pattern! It is so adorable on babies and toddlers. And the great thing about this pattern is you can make it in any color combination you like, and it will still look cute! This kid’s hat pattern is written for toddler size (1-3yrs).

Pattern via The Northern Moose


Beaded Ribbed Knit Beanie Pattern

This free knit hat pattern is a minimal-design hat is an essential statement piece for your winter outfits. This knit beanie is high on stylish luxury and low on effort. Two-row repeat? Check. Less than one skein of yarn? Check. Fits like a glove, with no bunching or extra fabric at the top? Check. Oh and this piece is worked up on straight knitting needles.

Pattern via Furls Crochet


Garter Ear Flap Hat

Still enamored with the ease of working short rows in garter stitch, this hat is made in one seamless piece. Slightly pointed with a tiny tassel, the knit hat topper finish delivers cheer and whimsy. Your head and ears will stay toasty warm with this fun garter stitch hat.

Via Purl Soho


The Dotty Beanie Knit Pattern

This beanie is knit with a beautiful and simple stitch called “The Dot Stitch” that intersperses purl stitches throughout knit stitches, providing some lovely and dainty texture. The dot stitch is worked over 4 rounds as delicate purl stitches are scattered throughout the knit stitches. This knit stitch pattern makes a beautiful texture that’s not too complicated to achieve. 

Pattern via All About Ami


Beloved Aran

This beautiful knit hat pattern comes in various sizes including child, adult, and large adult. This knit stitch pattern is the double seed stitch and is made on circular needles (but double-pointed knitting needles would also work). Finished off with an adorable pom pom, this knit hat pattern is perfect for the entire family.

Pattern via Ravelry


Easy Knit Hat Pattern for Beginners

If you’re looking for a super easy knit hat pattern this is it! It works up quickly with a skein of bulky weight yarn and is a great hat pattern for beginners. This easy knit pattern is written for a standard adult size but can be easily modified to fit any size.

Pattern via Petals to Picots


Easy Chunky Knit Hat Pattern

Looking for an easy knitting pattern for a hat? With this simple knitting pattern for beginners, you can knit your own hat in no time! A lovely warm winter yarn, that is perfect for quick and easy knitting projects. Ideal for the novice knitters among us! This simple hat pattern uses a rib stitch and a stocking stitch worked on a circular knitting needle. It also includes a video tutorial that shows you exactly how these stitches work and how simple knitting on circular needles can be! 

Pattern via Yarn Plaza


Aran Messy Bun Knit Hat Pattern

The Aran knitting style has traveled the world, it has proven capable of adapting to modern fashion, and the Aran Messy Bun Hat is no exception. Designed to let your messy bun or ponytail flow out of the top, this beanie-style hat is knit in the round, on two sizes of circular needles, and features crisscrossing cables that rise seamlessly from the brim to the crown. The cabling pattern is not overly complicated, but there is some adjusting of the stitch marker to ensure that the cabling pattern stays seamless throughout.

Pattern via Aran Accessories


Barley Knit Hat Pattern

If you’ve ever visited the Ravelry website you’ll likely have come across the Barley Knit Hat Pattern that seems to always dawn the front page of most popular patterns – for a very long time. This perennial favorite knitting pattern is sized for babies all the way up to adult large size. This seamless hat pattern is knit using circular needles and made with basic knit stitches including rib stitch, garter stitch, and stockinette stitch. 

Pattern via Ravelry


Simple Ribbed Knit Toque Pattern

This simple toque is about as basic as it gets, and a quick knitter can finish this toque in a day. Made in standard worsted-weight yarn using a pattern stitch that’s 1/1 rib stitch, it’s very elastic and one size really should fit all. If the recipient has a particularly large head, add four or eight stitches.

Pattern via Canadian Living


Stash Busting Helix Hat Pattern

Pull out all your worsted-weight scraps and knit them together in helix stripes. These stash-busting hats are a fun, easy way to use up even the smallest bits of stash. Choose at least three colors. If you run out of one along the way just tie on another and keep knitting! Self-striping yarns are a great addition too.

Pattern via Rose-Kim


Basic Knitted Baby Hat Pattern

Knitted baby beanies are a go-to gift since babies always need hats to keep their heads warm no matter what season and this hat pattern looks so stylish with plenty of stretch. With one skein of yarn, you can actually make two baby hats!  If the baby’s gender is a surprise, I love using a neutral grey or cream color! The simplicity of the pattern really lets the yarn shine through as it looks great with a variegated yarn, striped yarn, or single color yarn!  

Pattern via All About Ami


Two and a Half Hours Knit Hat Pattern

Here’s a simple slouchy knit toque for when you want an instant gratification pattern. Perfect for that super last-minute gift! Made with super bulky yarn and knit in the round, this pattern will become your go-to knitting pattern when you need to whip up a quick hat.

Pattern via Ravelry


Rafa’s Hat Pattern

A very easy manly hat worked in worsted weight yarn. We all have that man in our lives that we want to knit for, but we never seem to nail it when it comes to making something simple enough for them to love. This easy knitting pattern comes in adult sizes small through to large and is knit on circular needles.

Pattern via Ravelry


Pussyhat Pattern

This knit hat pattern list would not be complete if we did not have the very popular pussy hat pattern that’s become a symbol of modern women’s rights. A pussy hat is a great first knitting project. The basic idea: make a rectangle, fold in half, stitch from the crease, and put it on your head! Your round head will make the cat ears appear.

Pattern via Pussy Hat Project

I hope you’ve found a hat to make in this list of knitted hat patterns above. Once you’ve found a pattern you love, you’ll be making more for your entire family. These stylish and easy knit hats will keep your head warm and cozy and you won’t have to worry about having chilly ears anymore.

In this list of knitted hat patterns, you’ll find easy knitting patterns, simple cable knit hats, classic ribbed stitch hats, easy knit baby hats and more.

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